On April 2, a former investment banker in Evercore Group LLC’s mining and metals group, Frank Perkins Hixon Jr., pled guilty to insider trading.  With knowledge of information he received advising Evercore clients on nonpublic transactions and in internal firm meetings, Hixon executed trades in brokerage accounts belonging to the mother of his child and his father, earning over $500,000 in profits.  Hixon also made false statements to FINRA and the FBI.  In 2013, Hixon falsely told FINRA that he did not know the names of his child’s mother and his father and, in 2014, he falsely told FBI agents that he never traded in or accessed his child’s mother’s brokerage account.  United States v. Hixon, 14 MJ 0341 (S.D.N.Y.) DOJ Press Release