On December 4, Ms. Caldwell spoke at the Criminal Division’s inaugural symposium on cybercrime held at the Georgetown Law Center and highlighted two ways in which the Division is addressing cybercrime.  First, Ms. Caldwell emphasized that the Department of Justice is mounting increasingly innovative and cooperative international law enforcement operations to disrupt cyber criminal organizations across the globe.  As examples of these larger, international law enforcement operations, Ms. Caldwell cited the prosecution of a Russian hacker that was one of the creators of Gameover Zeus, a “botnet” used to steal millions of dollars from businesses and consumers, and the seizure of over 400 addresses on the Tor network, a special network of computers designed to conceal the locations of individuals who use it that facilitated “dark market” websites selling illegal goods and services online.  Second, Ms. Caldwell explained that the Department is increasing efforts to prevent cyber attacks by providing resources for public and private partners to enhance cyber security across the board, including the creation of a dedicated Cybersecurity Unit within the Criminal Division.  Prosecutors from the Cybersecurity Unit will provide a central hub for expert advice and legal guidance regarding the criminal electronic surveillance statutes for both U.S. and international law enforcement and will also work with private sector partners and Congress to ensure that the advancing cyber security legislation is shaped to most effectively protect the nation’s computer networks and individual victims from cyber attacks.  Finally, Ms. Caldwell stated that the Department will be engaging with the public at large about cyber security issues and stressed that the Department carefully considers privacy implications throughout its investigations.