On May 26, Adam S. Gottbetter, a New York corporate and securities lawyer, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for orchestrating a stock market manipulation scheme designed to artificially inflate the stock price of two publicly traded companies.  Gottbetter conspired with others to manipulate the price and volume of securities to, among other things, make the companies more attractive to potential investors in various private offerings that Gottbetter would broker. The scheme also involved selling the stocks at the fraudulently inflated prices to the investing public for a profit. Gottbetter and his conspirators obtained and concealed control of a significant portion of free-trading shares, and then fraudulently inflated the price and trading volume through a variety of means—including disseminating false or misleading promotional materials to the investing public and engaging in manipulative trading of the stocks to create the appearance of market interest.  In addition to the prison term, Gottbetter was sentenced to one year of supervised release, fined $60,000 and ordered to forfeit $344,967.  Gottbetter also was required to forfeit $4,595,333 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  United States v. Gottbetter, 14-cr-467 (D.N.J.).  DOJ Press Release