On May 5, DOJ announced several proposals it will submit to Congress to amend federal corruption laws focusing on international corrupt actions and federal program bribery.  The Department announced a number of proposals relating to transnational corruption, including proposals to expand the scope of money laundering statutes to permit prosecution of any act of foreign corruption that would be money laundering if committed domestically; permit administrative subpoenas in money laundering cases; increase the power to subpoena the records of foreign banks with branches in the U.S.; make classified information available for use in civil asset recovery cases; lengthen the time period in which the U.S. can freeze assets based on a foreign request; and implement procedures to admit foreign business records into evidence in civil asset recovery cases.  DOJ also introduced two amendments to the federal program bribery statute, which would make after-the-fact payments given as “rewards” for official action expressly criminal and would lower the dollar amount necessary to constitute a bribe to $1,000.