On June 9, U.S. Navy Admiral Robert Gilbeau pled guilty to charges of making false statements to law-enforcement officers.  Gilbeau lied to federal authorities investigating Leonard Glenn Francis, owner of Glenn Defense Marine Asia, a foreign defense contractor at the center of a massive bribery and fraud scandal.  Gilbeau admitted that he lied to DCIS and NCIS agents when questioned about whether he ever received gifts from Francis, a man with whom he was carrying on an illicit years-long relationship.  Seeking to cover up the relationship and the laws to federal officers, Gilbeau destroyed documents and computer files containing incriminating information.  Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell decried Gilbeau’s behavior, explaining that “by destroying documents and lying about the gifts that he received, Admiral Gilbeau broke the law and dishonored his uniform.”  Gilbeau’s plea stems from a larger investigation that has led to criminal charges against 14 individuals connected with the scheme.  United States v. Gilbeau, 16-cr-1313 (S.D. Cal.). DOJ Press Release