On June 28, Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates announced DOJ and FTC settlements with Volkswagen AG in relation to VW’s use of illegal software to defeat emissions tests in violation of EPA regulations.  Of the $14.7 billion settlement, up to $10.03 billion is allocated to compensate nearly 500,000 consumers that leased or purchased model year 2009 to 2015 2.0-liter diesel vehicles.  In addition to its program that will allow drivers to return illegal-emissions vehicles and terminate leases at no cost, Volkswagen will spend $4.7 billion to fund pollution-reduction programs to offset environmental harm caused by the illegal-emissions vehicles and invest in zero-emissions programs to offset the damage inflicted on air quality.  The settlement with DOJ also partially settled actions by EPA and the California Attorney General’s Office and the California Air Resources Board.  Emphasizing the importance of the settlement, Yates noted, “This resolution illustrates the Justice Department’s commitment to protecting American consumers, safeguarding the environment and aggressively pursuing companies that make misrepresentations and violate the law.”  Yates added, “The settlements do not resolve the government’s pending claims for civil penalties under the Clean Air Act, nor do they resolve pending claims concerning 3-liter diesel vehicles.”  Signaling more to come, Yates said, “[i]n addition, the settlements do not address any potential criminal liability, although I can assure you that our criminal investigation remains active and ongoing.  We will follow the facts wherever they go and we will determine whether to bring criminal charges against any companies or individual wrongdoers.” DOJ Press Release.