On August 24, Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, an Israeli national, pled guilty to one count of securities fraud for his role in an options backdating scheme involving Comverse Technologies Inc.  Alexander was ordered extradited from Namibia on August 22, 2016.  At the time of the offense, Alexander was the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Comverse, an S&P 500 company.  Between 1998 and 2006, Alexander and his coconspirators engaged in a fraudulent options backdating scheme to select the best issuance date of Comverse stock options, which they awarded to themselves and other Comverse employees.  By backdating options, Alexander and his coconspirators violated accounting rules and caused Comverse to overstate its profits.  As the top recipient of Comverse stock grants, Alexander gained millions of dollars from the scheme and ultimately forfeited $60 million, which was applied as restitution to compensate Comverse shareholders.  Shortly before being charged in 2006, Alexander and his family moved Namibia.  After 10 years, with cooperation from the National Police for the Republic of Namibia, Interpol, and FBI Legal Attaché in Pretoria, Alexander was successfully brought back to the United States  Sentencing has been set for December 16, 2016.  United States v. Alexander, 06-cr-628 (E.D.N.Y.). DOJ Press Release