On October 17, 2016, Omnicare Inc. agreed to pay over $28 million to resolve allegations that it solicited and received kickbacks from Abbott Laboratories in exchange for promoting their drug to its nursing home patients.  According to the complaint, Omnicare accepted payments from Abbott in return for promoting one of Abbott’s drugs, and then described the payments as “grants” or “educational funding.”  A global civil and criminal resolution was reached with Abbott in 2012, in which Abbott paid $1.5 billion for alleged kickbacks to nursing home pharmacies, including Omnicare.  The lawsuit against Omnicare was originally filed by former Abbott employees under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act and later taken over by the government.  United States v. Abbott Labs., 10-cv-00006 (W.D. Va.) and United States ex rel. McCoyd v. Abbott Labs., 07-cv-00081 (W.D. Va.) DOJ Press Release