On November 2, 2016, a San Francisco grand jury indicted Tomohide Date, Satoru Miyashita, Yasutoshi Ohno, Masanobu Shiozaki, Kiyoaki Shirotori, and Takuro Isawa, who are executives at four different companies, for their roles in an alleged conspiracy to fix the price of electrolytic capacitors.  Isawa was originally indicted in connection with this case on March 12, 2015.  On December 15, 2016, three additional individuals, Takeshi Matsuzaka, Kaname Takahashi, and Tukuo Tatai were added in a superseding indictment.  Electrolytic capacitors are components of electronic products, including computers, car engines, and televisions, which store and regulate electrical current.  The Antitrust Division has also charged five companies in connection with this conspiracy, all of which are cooperating with the ongoing investigation.  NEC TOKIN Corporation and Hitachi Chemical Co. have already pled guilty, and have paid criminal fines of, respectively, $13.8 million and $3.8 million.  Informations have been filed charging Rubycon Corporation, Elna Co. Ltd. and Holy Stone Holdings Co. Ltd with involvement in the electrolytic capacitors price-fixing conspiracy as well.  United States v. Date, No. 15-CR-0163-JD (N.D. Cal.). November DOJ Press Release;   December DOJ Press Release

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