On February 16, 2017, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Trevor McFadden delivered remarks on FCPA enforcement at the Global Investigations Review Conference in Washington, DC.  McFadden’s remarks, delivered 40 years after the passage of the FCPA, described the history of FCPA enforcement and signaled continuity in DOJ’s approach under the new Administration.  McFadden described the past 15 years of FCPA enforcement as a continuous effort under the Bush and Obama Administrations, and signaled continuity with DOJ’s approach moving forward.  Affirming the principles set out in the FCPA Pilot Program, said that DOJ would continue to consider self-disclosure, cooperation, and remedial measures in actions brought against companies, and said that DOJ would review the program this spring to consider what, if any, change should be made to encourage voluntary disclosure and cooperation.  McFadden also affirmed the renewed focus on individual accountability, stating that changing the attitude and conduct of individuals is necessary in order to change the attitude and conduct of companies.  To that end, McFadden said that DOJ would continue to prioritize individual prosecutions and would work closely with its partners abroad to bring those individuals to justice.