On April 18, 2017, Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Trevor N. McFadden addressed attendees at the Anti-Corruption, Export Controls & Sanctions Compliance Summit in Washington, D.C. about Corporate Social Responsibility.  Referencing his time working in private practice, McFadden expressed his view that “the vast majority of international business and business leaders want to get compliance right.”  He also said that the improvements in corporate compliance were “quite impressive” as compared to before the enactment of the FCPA 40 years ago.  McFadden also, however, noted that compliance “requires more than good intentions” and urged companies to ensure that their compliance programs go beyond “ink on paper.”  He stressed that companies that expand quickly, particularly when the expansion is international, are at particular risk for failing to maintain adequate compliance programs.  As others in DOJ have recently noted, McFadden stated that DOJ remains committed to enforcing the FCPA and that the FCPA Pilot Program, enacted just over one year ago, would continue in effect while DOJ conducts a full review of its effectiveness.