On April 14, 2017, four individuals were arrested for their involvement in a stock manipulation scheme involve BioCube, Inc. and their efforts to launder approximately $2 million in illegal proceeds.  The four individuals are Chris Messalas, Boris Rubizhevky, Michael Garnick and Dimitrios Argyros.  Messalas, a former securities brokers, Rubizhevky, the former Chief Executive Officer of BioCube, and Garnick, an attorney, were charged with securities fraud conspiracy.  In particular, they are charged with defrauding potential BioCube investors by concealing Messalas’s beneficial ownership in the company so that he could exercise control over the price and trading of its stock.  Messalas was also charged with money laundering conspiracy, along with Argyros, an anti-money laundering consultant.  United States v. Messalas et al., 17-mj-321 (E.D.N.Y.). DOJ press release