On April 6, 2017, Richard Kayseryan, Derou Biglari, Jivani Markarian and Rafik Mesropyan were charged in a 20-count indictment in connection with a federal ‘structuring’ conspiracy, in which they made millions of dollars in cash deposits designed to circumvent federal reporting requirements.  Kayseryan owns the Burbank-based drug wholesale company TriMed Medical Wholesalers, Inc.—which is charged in the indictment along with the four individual defendants—and Biglari and Markarian own the Glendale-based drug wholesale business JD Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, Inc.  According to the indictment, the defendants used “funnel” bank accounts set up in the names of shell companies to structure millions of dollars in proceeds.  After TriMed collected millions of dollars from business activities, Kayseryan prepared checks and delivered them to his co-conspirators.  The co-conspirators then deposited the checks into the funnel accounts and immediately withdrew the funds, in cash, in amounts less than or equal to $10,000 per transaction, in order to prevent banks from reporting the cash withdrawals to the federal government as required for every cash transaction of more than $10,000. Two additional co-conspirators, identified in the indictment as “M.F.” and “S.G.,” previously pled guilty to federal structuring charges. DOJ press release