On May 24, 2017, Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Trevor N. McFadden spoke at the American Conference Institute (“ACI”) Brazil Summit on Anti-Corruption.  McFadden’s remarks highlighted recent developments in the Department of Justice’s international cooperation efforts, and provided an update on the Department’s FCPA Pilot Program.  Speaking in São Paulo, McFadden called Brazil one of the United States’ closest allies in fighting corruption, pointing to four global resolutions negotiated by American and Brazilian authorities.  McFadden then turned to advances in the Department’s efforts to improve international cooperation, particularly in white-collar cases.  Saying that “international cooperation is a two-way street,” McFadden praised “reciprocal information sharing,” as a means to effectuate multi-jurisdictional prosecutions.  McFadden noted the need to cooperate on “global resolutions that apportion penalties between the relevant jurisdictions,” citing Rolls-Royce’s recent $800 million global resolution with law enforcement agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.  McFadden also announced that the Department would detail one of its anti-corruption prosecutors to the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority, a first in Department history.  In justifying this decision, McFadden pointed to the increase in requests for legal assistance from foreign countries. McFadden closed his remarks by reporting that 22 companies voluntarily disclosed FCPA violations during the FCPA Pilot Program’s first year, but also noted that the Department has not reached a “final decision regarding its permanence.”

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