On May 11, 2017, former U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted of charges related to her participation in a conspiracy and fraud scheme involving the One Door for Education – Amy Anderson Scholarship Fund (“One Door”).  The prosecution argued that Brown and other co-conspirators used Brown’s status as a U.S. Congresswoman to solicit donations to One Door, which they misled donors into believing was a registered 501(c)(3) organization that would be used for college scholarships and school computer drives.  According to the prosecution, donors to One Door contributed more than $800,000 based on these false representations.  However, according to the charges, Brown and her co-conspirators spent One Door’s funds for their own benefit, using the funds to host a golf tournament, luxury boxes at a concert and an NFL game, and other expensive events, or depositing the funds directly into their bank accounts while granting only $1,200 in the form of scholarships to two college students.  Brown was also convicted of failing to disclose reportable income from One Door and claiming tax deductions based on false statements that she donated to One Door and other non-profit organizations.  United States v. Brown, 3:16-cr-93-J-32JRK (M.D. Fla.).

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