On May 24, 2017, seven people, including four U.S. citizens, were charged with conspiring to steal trade secrets.  The criminal complaint alleges that a Chinese manufacturer created a Houston-based subsidiary in order to develop syntactic foam, a marine engineering product with both commercial and military uses.  The subsidiary began a campaign to hire former employees of “Company A,” a marine technology leader, by offering cash incentives and high salaries.  The company hired two former Company A employees, who then provided trade secrets to the Chinese subsidiary.  The trade secrets were then sent back to the parent manufacturer in China, so that the company could develop a syntactic foam manufacturing facility.  Six defendants were arrested after the complaint was unsealed.  Charges were also filed against an employee of the Chinese manufacturing firm living in China, who remains at large.  United States v. Shi, 1:17-mj-00344 (D.D.C.), United States v. Ogoe, 1:17-mj-00346 (D.D.C.), United States v. Liu, 1:17-mj-00345 (D.D.C.), United States v. Bo, 1:17-mj-00350 (D.D.C.), United States v. Huang, 1:17-mj-00349 (D.D.C.), United States v. Randall, 1:17-mj-00347 (D.D.C.), and United States v. Uche, 1:17-mj -00348 (D.D.C.).

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