On June 16, 2017, Michael Brooks, a U.S. Navy Captain, was sentenced to forty-one months in prison and ordered to pay a $41,000 fine and $31,000 in restitution for accepting bribes of travel and entertainment, hotel rooms, and the services of prostitutes.  Brooks pled guilty in November to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery and has admitted that, in exchange for the bribes—provided by Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia (“GDMA”)—Brooks used his influence to secure quarterly clearances for GDMA vessels so that they could travel into and out of the Philippines under the diplomatic imprimatur of the U.S. Embassy despite the fact that no defense contractor has ever been granted such a clearance.  Brooks also admitted that he allowed GDMA executive Leonard Glenn Francis to write official U.S. Navy documents and correspondence that Brooks submitted as his own, including GDMA’s own contractor performance evaluation, and gave Francis access to sensitive information about Navy schedules and billing information from a GDMA competitor.  Twenty-one other current and former Navy officials have been charged in actions related to the massive bribery and fraud scheme involving GDMA.  Ten have pled guilty and ten cases are pending.  United States v. Brooks, 16-cr-1206 (S.D. Cal.).

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