On June 29, 2017, Rufus Seth Williams, the Philadelphia District Attorney, pled guilty to a federal bribery charge for accepting tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of bribes.  According to the allegations in the charging documents and statements made in court proceedings, from July 2010 to May 2015, Williams entered into an agreement with Mohammad N. Ali, a business owner, to perform official acts for Ali, including contacting a Philadelphia police official in order to advise and pressure the official to help Ali with security screenings at the airport, in exchange for trips, money and other things of value.  From March 2012 to July 2015, Williams also entered into an agreement with Michael Weiss, another business owner, to perform official acts for Weiss, including appointing him as Special Advisor to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office and helping him with a liquor license, in exchange for  airline tickets, money, an automobile, and other things of value.  Williams also defrauded a nursing home and family friends of money earmarked for a family member’s care and used official government vehicles and funds from his political action committee for his personal benefit.  Williams pled guilty to travel and use of interstate facilities to promote and facilitate bribery contrary to Pennsylvania law. As part of the plea agreement, Williams agreed to forfeit $64,878.22, representing the sum of his bribe proceeds and his fraud proceeds.  United States v. Williams, 2:17-cr-00137 (E.D. Pa.).

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