On December 22, 2017, after a six-week trial before U.S. District Judge Pamela K. Chen of the Eastern District of New York, a federal jury convicted Juan Angel Napout and Jose Maria Marin, former high-ranking soccer officials, of racketeering conspiracy and related offenses.  As proved at trial, the defendants and their co-conspirators accepted or agreed to accept tens of millions of dollars in bribe payments in exchange for media and marketing rights to various soccer tournaments.  Napout was also convicted of two counts of wire fraud conspiracy.  Marin was also convicted of three counts of wire fraud conspiracy and two counts of money laundering conspiracy.  At sentencing, the defendants face a maximum of 20 years in prison on each count of conviction.  Further, each of the defendants also faces liability for millions of dollars in forfeiture and/or restitution.  On December 26, 2017, a jury found Manuel Burga, former president of the Peruvian soccer federation, not guilty of racketeering conspiracy.  United States v. Napout et al., 15-cr-252 (E.D.N.Y.)

DOJ Press Release