On September 21, 2018, Latvian resident Ruslan Bondars was sentenced to 168 months in prison after a jury convicted him of offenses related to the operation of the counter-antivirus service “Scan4you.”  Authorities characterized Scan4you as providing “essential aid” to hackers, and the service has been linked to several large-scale computer intrusions and data breaches since 2009.  According to evidence at trial, the Scan4you service assisted hackers in determining whether their malware would be detected by antivirus software used by major retailers, financial institutions, and government agencies.  In announcing Bondars’s sentence, authorities explained that Scan4you was used to test malware that was later used to steal tens of millions of credit and debit card numbers from a large U.S. retailer, resulting in $292 million in expenses to the company.  In imposing the sentence, the court found that Bondars’s conduct caused economic losses in excess of $20 billion.

United States v. Bondars et al., 16-cr-00228 (E.D. Va.)

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